About us

Product sales
Because of the focus, so professional, because of the heart, so excellent. Decades of accumulation, quietly precipitated, we have a professional and efficient team, from the moment you communicate with us, we can quickly and accurately solve all the questions, and let you worry. Our product sales are global, where there is a demand in any corner of the world, it will be the beginning of our cooperation.
Business cooperation
In the global scope all are willing to cooperation with the Oriental Xinghe cable companies, we are willing to work together with you to participate actively, pioneering and enterprising. Make full use of each other's capital strength, professional technology, value brand and social resources to achieve a win-win development in the future.
OEM (manufacturing / OEM)
We have the world's most advanced production equipment, standard quality management system, quality excellent high-end products, hope that we can rely on strong production capacity, and the international scope of all intention willing to work together and win-win cooperation, to provide products and processing services for you.
Technical support
Transport variable power lines, converter station, booster station, substation, power plant and so on, meet product ordering process of all products and related issues (selection of product technology / product), we will actively work closely with design department and user units, eliminate doubts, promote cooperation. We strive to save every construction fund for the customers and realize the economic value and good social benefit of the enterprise.